Welcome to B Impact Collective

Let's come together to use business as a force for good.

About Us

Cultivating Capital is proud to offer the B Impact Collective, the first online community to connect supporters of the B Corp movement who want to advance the transition to an economic system that is just, equitable, regenerative, and inclusive.

The B Impact Collective welcomes all B Corp enthusiasts, whether they are certified, working on it, considering it, or just want to support the movement.

Certified B Corps have access to the B Hive, a social networking platform for employees of companies that are certified. It's a great resource, but you have to wait until you get certified to access it.

The B Impact Collective has been described as the "pre-B Hive," open to all. Or, think of it like a Facebook group... but not Facebook (why support a platform that spreads disinformation that undermines our democracy?).

Who Should Join

  • Certified B Corps that want to support, encourage, and connect with others that B Corp curious
  • Companies working on B Corp certification that want to connect with others on the same journey
  • B Corp curious individuals who want to learn more about B Corps to see if certification is right for them
  • B Corp supporters who want to advance the movement but don't work for a B Corp due to being at a nonprofit or working at a company that isn't pursuing certification

What's Included

When you join the B Impact Collective, you join a community of values-aligned people who want to make the world a better place. 

Free membership in the B Impact Collective includes:

  • Access to an exclusive community where you can meet and connect with other values-driven business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Updates about what’s new in the B Corp community so that you can stay up-to-date with new developments
  • One learning session/month about a topic to help you build a better business, with built-in networking time for you to engage in peer learning with others